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A Special Thank You To Our Members

On August 19, 2008 we founded our Linkedin Group SAP Consulting Exchange (ERPCX) and started to promote our Virtual Consulting and Virtual Helpdesk opportunities. Our mission was and continues to be to help our members increase their earnings and knowledge and in doing so provide superior service to our customers. Our members span more than 60 countries, with over 1,400 members in our Linkedin group and almost 5,000 on our website. Our Country Ambassadors represent us in over 15 countries. We have provided opportunities to work in a virtual setting to many of you who have uploaded your resumes and became part of our virtual consulting team.    

Our referral partners are well known players in the SAP field including such companies as Winshuttle and Revelation Software Concepts whose innovative solutions can be promoted by our members in exchange for referral commissions.

We would like you to be more involved and become more active. Ultimately it pays. 

As a special thank you for being a member we want to offer you our KNOWLEDGEPACK for a limited time and for the drastically reduced price of $399:

  • An annual subscription to the SAPexperts knowledgebase of your choice
  • Access to our SAP Development system for the same period
  • An ERPCX email address which enables you to be part of our internal network
  • A mobile business card for the duration of your subscription
  • The use of our logo for your stationary, marketing materials, website and emails

Just login to your ERPCX account and subscribe to the knowledgebase of your choice with coupon code 5D0834.    

Our virtual consulting services are attracting the interest from SAP customers around the world. For example, we recently closed a new contract for SAP END USER SUPPORT that is provided by ERPCX members. We will also continue to bring new offerings to the SAP ecosystem, such as our recent initiatives to develop SAP mobile apps. (If you have an idea for an SAP mobile app, and would like help making it happen, please let us know. We’d love to consider it!)

So, happy 3rd anniversary and thanks to all our ERPCX members, subscribers and followers! We look forward to bringing you more great news in the months ahead!

Best regards,

Herbert Goertz, CEO

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