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Elite SAP Consulting Is Simple as ABC

Justly or unjustly, SAP software implementations have the reputation for being long, expensive and arduous for everyone concerned — the SAP owner, the SAP consultant, the SAP user, and (now this is really unfortunate) also the customer of the SAP owner. Even if customers of the business running SAP have no direct contact with the software, they will still suffer the effects of an overly burdensome SAP implementation. Those could include slow service, out-of-stock products, billing mistakes, purchasing snafus, wasted time spent clearing up past miscommunications — the list goes on. Unfortunately, as well, those customer problems are also the problems of SAP owners and users — in wasted time, lost revenues, damaged reputations, and missed market windows.

A lot of this grief can be traced to the basic SAP consulting model itself — something that has not changed much since the software was first introduced back in the 1990s. Amazing, isn’t it? That with all the software innovation that has gone on over all those years, the basic model for how consultants get engaged has seen virtually no innovation at all. Of course, the tools have changed, but the way teams are recruited and organized has not. (Agile is a new development, but that only works if you can find enough agile consultants — which, again, current models do not do very well.) That’s why the reputation has not changed and why people still complain about the same things they have always complained about.

Call in the All Stars!

So, let’s propose a different model. Let’s call it “asset based consulting” (ABC). In this model:

* SAP owners easily find and contract only with elite SAP consultants (the assets)
* SAP owners waste no time or money negotiating with non-assets that add no value
* SAP owners are agile based because all their consultants are agile
* SAP owners pay less travel expense (more work product is produced virtually)
* SAP owners get consultants on-demand via direct talent pool access

In essence, this model is all about delivering to SAP owners the right team, at the right time, and for the right price. It really is as simple as ABC. See for yourself . . .

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