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Drivers Wanted

By Herbert Goertz

Joshua Greenbaum, at InsiderPROFILES, makes a great case when he advocates that the term SAP “end user” be replaced by SAP “driver.” His comparison to high school drivers’ ed is both humorous and on target. Every day companies across the globe hand the “keys” over to people who should know what they’re doing, where they’re going and how to get there. Joshua is right. Those people can’t just be users, along for the ride like passengers. They’ve got to be drivers.

That’s why we welcome users as members, alongside consultants and SAP customers. As we say elsewhere on this website, without users there would be no SAP consultants, no SAP customers and no SAP. We also say that the boundaries between these roles are not so clear-cut as the labels indicate. SAP customers — i.e., those individuals who sign off on SAP implementations — are almost always users too. And as for users being consultants — we all know who you are. You’re that person over in the next cubical who gets all the technical questions whenever a co-worker has a problem. (Say, wouldn’t it be nice if you could sell some of that technical know-how on the side?)

So, yes, users should be drivers; but so should customers and consultants. We all wear each other’s hats from time to time, and we should all be drivers.

The problem with calling you a user (rhymes with loser) is that nobody sees you as a driver. You’re viewed as the end of the value chain, not the central link. No wonder, as Joshua says, companies don’t spend enough money on SAP user training. That hurts companies, of course; but it also hurts you.

So start driving! Get your SAP knowledge here. Sell your technical expertise here. Got an SAP module or app you’ve developed on your own time? Sell it here. Want to build your reputation with other SAP drivers? Then post your resume here and participate in our LinkedIn discussions here. 

You’ve got the keys. You’re a driver. That’s why we want you.

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