A Private Club for Elite SAP Consultants

How to Attract Elite Consultants

If your organization has ever tried to hire consultants to staff an SAP project then you already know this: Really good SAP consultants are hard to find.

First of all, elite SAP consultants are scarce — and there are a lot of boxes to check. They must have years of experience but also be up to speed on the latest technology. They have to relate well to other people, but don’t mind spending most of their life on the road, isolated from family and friends. They have to think on their feet, but also adapt well to highly structured software development projects. They should be technology experts, but also understand business. They should be SAP generalists, but also specialists when it comes to their particular SAP specialties.

Second, there are just not very many efficient ways to look for elite SAP consultants. It’s not like you can just post an ad online or with a recruiter. If you do that then, sure, you will get hundreds of résumés — but how can you tell which résumés come from truly qualified candidates and which come from candidates faking it just to get work?

It’s almost like finding a qualified SAP consultant to staff your SAP project is a miniature version of the SAP project itself — it can take a long time, it can be very expensive, and the consequences of making a mistake can be very bad — unless you know what you’re doing.

Skim the Cream

Yet, there are many organizations that do seem to know what they’re doing. Teams are appropriately staffed, tasks are properly scoped, and projects are completed on time and on budget. So what’s the secret? Here’s one: they’re not just trying to find elite consultants. They attract elite consultants. Elite consultants already know who these organizations are and want to work there. The organizations and the consultants are all part of the same networks. It works the same in any field: the elites tend to know each other and like to hang out together. They’re all part of the same “club.”

For these organizations, finding elite consultants is like skimming cream.

That’s why there is an ERPCX. We are looking to take a disorganized, ad-hoc and inefficient process that already exists and make it organized, routine and efficient. Best-of-the-best consultants and best-of-the-best clients do want to hang out together. That’s why elite consultants come to the ERPCX. They know that having a presence here (such as by posting a résumé or commenting in our LinkedIn page) puts them in elite company — because, like any elite club, we only admit the best.

But it’s also why client organizations come to the ERPCX. They know they can skim the cream. But they also know something else: just by being here puts them in a group of organizations known to hire elite consultants. That automatically makes them more attractive to elite consultants.

Knowing how to find elite consultants is good, but knowing how to make elite consultants find you attractive is even better.

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