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More Knowledge = More Money

By Herbert Goertz

It’s the law of supply and demand. Over the long run, the SAP consultants that make the most money are the ones with the most skills – especially skills that are in short supply. That’s a law that almost everyone understands. So, I am surprised to hear some consultants still complaining about low hourly rates – when I see other consultants making $80 to $100 or even more — while some SAP consulting jobs are even going unfilled.

If more knowledge equals more money, then why don’t these consultants stop complaining and just get the extra knowledge they need? It’s not like the knowledge isn’t available. I can understand why someone might not want to take three months off and spend thousands of dollars to take classes. You must consider both the out-of-pocket expense and the lost income while sitting in class. It takes a really big jump in your rate to justify that type of investment.

Another option is to simply rely on on-the-job experience to teach you what you need to know. The problem with that strategy is that companies don’t want to hire you if you don’t already have the skills they need. They’re not paying you to learn. Of course, you’ll always learn something new on almost any job. But that’s a rather random approach to learning, and what are the chances you’ll acquire the right skills you need to earn a higher rate?

A third — and better — option is to buy the SAPexperts Knowledgebase (available from the ERPCX). It only costs a few hundred dollars. You can select the skills you want to learn. And you don’t have to take time off from earning money while you do learn them. And, unlike classroom training that quickly goes out of date, the SAPexperts Knowledgebase always stays fresh with continuous updates.

The SAPexperts Knowledgebase is just one of several services the ERPCX offers to help consultants make more money. What do you think of ERPCX services? Do you know what they are?  Do you have suggestions or comments to make them better?

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