ERPCX Country Ambassador Blog

A Private Club for Elite SAP Consultants


Country Ambassadors are the primary SAP consultants for the ERPCX within their respective countries. As such, they are first in line to work on all ERPCX projects within their countries. They also represent ERPCX products and services in their countries and serve as the primary reference for ERPCX members located there who may wish to buy ERPCX products and services.

Each CA is automatically a premium member of the ERPCX and promotes Agile SAP Methodologies and  Virtual Consulting.  ERPCX supports and rewards the CA’s success by providing:

  • Right of first refusal to work on all ERPCX projects within the CA’s home country
  • A commission on all ERPCX virtual consulting projects, whether or not the Country Ambassador participates on the project
  • A commission on sales of all ERPCX offerings in that country
  • The use of the ERPCX logo on websites, newsletters and other materials
  • A country-specific website and blog within the main ERPCX website, which the CA can write in his or her local language
  • Exclusive rights to Country Ambassador status within the CA’s home country

Those interested in becoming a Country Ambassador should contact the ERPCX immediately since there can only be one CA for each country.



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