A Private Club for Elite SAP Consultants

Elite (platinum-level) freelance SAP consultants know who you are. You’re the consultants that clients pay more than $200 / hour to get. Of course, you rarely ever actually get paid $200 / hour. That’s because most of what clients pay goes to (mostly offshore) recruiters who know very little about you, about the client, or even about SAP. And usually it’s not just one recruiter making money fromyour work. There may be four to five layers of recruiters in between you and the client, each receiving their commission from the next link down in the chain.

It’s humiliating. But the humiliationsdon’t stop there — like having to pay your own travel expenses or being forced to fudge your resume so you end up working on projects you don’t really want for clients who probably wouldn’t want you either if they knew the truth.

So, if you are an elite SAP consultant how do you get paid what you’re really worth? How do you get treated with respect? How can you represent your skills, experience and accomplishments accurately to clients who actually want you, not a made-up version of you that some recruiter has manufactured just to get a commission?

Membership’s Privileges

You join the ERPCX. The ERP Consultant Exchange is essentially a private club for elite SAP consultants. Like a private club, you have to qualify to get in. But once you are accepted, membership — as they say — has its privileges:

  • You get paid the maximum possible consulting rate
  • You work whenever possible directly for clients (SAP customers)
  • How you represent yourself on your resume or in interviews is entirely up to you (we will never ask you to change your resume, but we will help representing you)
  • You’re part of a network of other professionals on your levelwith whom you can share knowledge, contacts, tips and war stories
  • It costs nothing to join or apply

Of course, clients also benefit. They know where to go to get the best. They know they’re getting the qualificationsthey’re paying for. And the engagement process is quick, simple and hassle free.

Everyone in the SAP talent market is looking for a better experience. We think a private club for elite professionals is a good place to start.