We are Agile SAP Consultants

ERPCX consultants don’t just know agile. Theyare agile:

  • Project timelinesare broken down into sprints withcommitted end-dates
  • Tangible business outcomesdefine what "success" means ineach sprint
  • Test driven development ensureson-schedule delivery of committed outcomes
  • What-you-see-is-what-you-get management tools empower business owners
  • Synergy and buy-in build trust and respect across business and technical teams

Hiring agile SAP consultants — rather than consultants without agile SAP knowledge and experience — can cut years and millions of dollars off an SAP project. It can often mean the difference between whether a project is completed on time or must be scrapped and started all over again. It can mean the difference between having an SAP implementation that actually does what business stakeholders need it to do and having one that doesn’t.

Even if you are committed to agile SAP, how can you be certain you are staffing your project only with qualified consultants? Anyone can use the buzzwords on their résumé on in an interview. Results happen faster in an agile SAP environment — good results if you hire the right people and bad results if you don't.So you need to know for sure your consultants are agile before they can prove you wrong.

At ERPCX, all our consultants are agile because our business depends on it, just like yours does. We stake our differentiation — and our reputation — on being theonly provider of SAP implementation consultants who are exclusively agile SAP trained and experienced.

So if you are a business looking for highly trained and experienced agile SAP consultants, we are your source. And if you are a highly trained and experienced agile SAP consultantandare looking for those opportunities — then you belong at the ERPCX because those are the only opportunities we have. Join us!